Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Indycar Museum - The Movie!

Note: "There it is" just before "I'm going the wrong way!" refers to the departing Cessna, not the airport!

If the audio is a little wanky after you press the play button, pause for a few minutes to let a little more of the movie download before trying again.

It turns out to be quite a bit of work getting these movies out of the camcorder and into a suitable form for web posting. Part of that is due to their size: it took five hours to upload to Vimeo! It also was a challenge to get below the 500MB weekly quota. I did it by removing some of the pattern after the go-around, the cost of that being that it confuses people. "Why are you showing the landing again?" The other thing I did was to dumb down the resolution a little bit to make the file size smaller. It still looks tons better than the YouTube equivalent, though, so I can live with that.

The editing of the raw video takes awhile too, but that will get better. I was looking for something more capable than Windows Movie Maker, but there aren't many programs out there that will work directly with the flash card video my camcorder uses. Most programs expect DV tape, it seems.

I found and downloaded a demo of a program Sony puts out called Vegas, and while the learning curve appears steep for good editing, it seems to have quite a few capabilities that Movie Maker does not. I was able to edit down the raw video to what you see above, but I didn't spend any time learning how to do transitions or screen titles/text. Hopefully the movies will get better each week as I get better at using the tools. The Sony program is only a 30 day demo, so I'm going to have to decide whether to buy it before I out a whole lot of effort into learning how to use it.

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