Sunday, June 01, 2008

Scheduled a kayak clinic, found out that I am NOT funny

At the combined urgings of loyal reader Jeff and common sense, I googled to find a near-by kayak clinic that I could attend with the goal of learning how to recover from an upset kayak. It's not as easy to deal with an upset kayak as it is to deal with an upset wife - it apparently takes more than flowers and Mexican food.

Google, with its on-demand vast storehouse of knowledge, quickly provided the answer. An outfit here in town offers kayak clinics on a monthly basis at a pool just a few miles away from home. It's a pool at a scuba diving training place. As such, I thought they might be reluctant to have my river-gunk stained boat in the pool, so I called the shop to see what they thought. They weren't concerned about it at all. In fact, they told me that all of their boats are regularly on the river as well. I told them that I'd bring mine, then, since it seemed a good idea to practice in the boat that I would be using.

Almost as an after-thought, I asked if the 17' length of my boat might cause a problem.

"Well, you might have trouble getting it turned around. We only get to use half the pool; there's a diving class using the other half."

To which I replied, "Yeah, but wouldn't they be using the bottom half?"

[insert dead silence here]

Oh well. I never realized kayaking is such a serious business. Or, you know, maybe I'm just not funny.

Oh, and I called back the next day to sign up Co-pilot Egg to go with me. I'm afraid I'm going to need another kayak for her to use. This is too cool not to share.


  1. That,s great news Dave! One of the reasons I read your blog is that I do think you're funny,perhaps we share a similarly obtuse sense of humor.
    You seem to have omitted the important position of photographer, cause' you know we gotta see

  2. Well, I thought it was funny! I guess pilots are a funnier bunch than the river rats.

  3. Actually, that was very funny. I love those silences, or the eye-rolling, it makes whatever I've said seem even funnier to me!!

    Keep up the good work.