Monday, June 02, 2008

Wow, a bit, uh, spendy

So, I was kicking around the idea of buying a domain name for the blog. The obvious choice would be '', or so you would think. Think again:

So much for GoDaddy being the Earl Schieb ("Riiight, "I'll paint any car, any color for twenty-nine ninety-five!") of domain names!

I tried an alternative, and it was much more affordable, but it seems that the current blogspot address is actually easier to deal with:

But.... I see a lot of incoming Google searches using 'Papa Golf' or 'Papa Golf Chronicles' (and one that really cracked me up: 'Brave Sir Hogarth'), so I went ahead and sprung for a one-year, $10 deal. You can now reach the blog using the old address, or the much hipper and trendy ''

The reason for the huge price difference between 'PapaGolf' and 'PapaGolf Chronicles' is cyber speculation. Someone has registered in the hopes of selling it at a huge profit to someone that wants it, more than likely as a golfing site.

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