Thursday, July 06, 2006

Well, DUH!

I went out to the hangar this afternoon to line up the pants with the vertical brackets and drill the rivet holes. The fiberglass sheets that I has used to reduce the gap between the fiberglass and the upper arm of the brackets had set up nicely, so I put the pants in place and got ready to mark the places I needed to drill on them.

Now, you'd think that if there was a gap at the upper arm of the bracket that there might also be a gap at the lower arm of the bracket too, and you'd be absolutely correct. Note that I said "you'd" think of it, not that "I'd" think of it. I didn't. I got the pants nicely aligned, and as I went to mark the lower holes, I realized that there was a gap there too, and that I couldn't proceed without laying in more glass. Doh!

By the time I got that done, I was more in the mood for flying than working, so I removed the brackets, got cotter pins into the axle nuts, and safety-wired the brake pads. Now I'm going to grab a quick dinner and head back out to do a little aviating. The pants can wait until next week.

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