Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Oshkosh, Day Two

It was another hot, sunny day today with a mitigating breeze, but the inevitable late-afternoon rain arrived earlier than it has for the last couple of days. In fact, it arrived right in the middle of the air show. Not to worry, though: my umbrella and rain suit remained safe and dry in the trunk of the car. My camera, on the other hand...

Having toured the War Birds area yesterday, today was open for heading over to my other favorite section: the Classics. I also walked through what they're calling the LSA Mall and looked at some of the new designs available in the Light Sport Market. It's almost like looking at Formula race cars and comparing the wildly different design approaches taken to get the best performance possible within the constraints of the formula rules. In the Light Sport formula, there are restrictions on the number of seats (maximum of two), speed (maximum of 120 knots), and other limits on things like weight, etc. They all seem to have aimed at a common price point, though, with the apparent belief that a six-figure price would mean certain death in the market. I'm not sure I agree, and time will likely show that this market can also include very sophisticated and/or luxurious designs.

I'd love to get some of the pictures posted (another 400+ today), but by the time I have dinner, get back up to the motel in Green Bay, clean off the many coats of dust the sun screen has collected, and get the pictures copied over the laptop, there's just not time to weed through them looking for the keepers, do the work of cropping and adjusting the colors, contrast, and lighting, and get them posted to Blogger. The laptop screen isn't the best for evaluating color and lighting anyway, so even if I could get it done I'm not sure they'd be up to standard.

My big purchase for today was very low in cost, but very high in value. Ever since I replaced the fuel caps, it's been very hard to open the locking latch. Today I found a little $2 plastic gadget that's sort of a bottle opener for fuel caps. The damage it saves to my hangar key alone will be worth the couple of bucks.

Day three is reserved for socializing, I think. We'll see.

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