Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yes, there were some RVs at Oshkosh

I didn't take very many pictures of them, though. There was an RV-8 with an outstanding paint job (technically, anyway - as a matter of personal taste, I don't particularly like it), a 4-seat RV-6, the factory EVO F1 Rocket, an F1 with a pair of fake (presumably) guns, and a formation fly-by:


  1. Pics of 4 seater RV-6?

  2. It's the third from the top, but you have to look closely. The close-ups of the seats didn't turn out - undetected auto-focus problem.

    Not only was it four seats, it had an IO-540 engine. Yow!

  3. The back seats face aft, so all you can see are the tops of the seat backs.